The Meandering Herbalist's 
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Member of 2017 Rooted River Therapies Community Supported Education

Conscius Vita and The Meandering Herbalist were a part of the Yardley Farmers Market located at Buttonwood Park in Yardley Borough. 

Workshops taught by Conscius Vita include:


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Memory from Summer 2015!


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  • January 8th - Winter Wellness: Explore ways to support our wellness, improve lymphatic circulation, and strengthen the immune system during the winter months.
  • March 12th- Spring Detoxification: Is it right for you? - A spring detox stimulates the body to fire up the liver, to melt and shed the excess winter insulation, and support the body as it transforms from winter to spring.
  • June 11th - Your Precious Heart: During the summer we have the broadest variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to support the increased activity and also to cool the heart and body of excess heat.
  • November 12th - Bringing in the Harvest: The autumn season marks the completion of the cycle of growth and fruition, when we may look back over the year and recognize the rewards of our toils, mark closure of the productive year and begin to think of the year to come.