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​​1 hour session $95
1-1/2 hour session $140

2 hour session $180

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1-1/2 hour session $140

2 hour session $180

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This is a 3-month 1:1 Inspired Wellness Program.

Payment may be made in full* or broken down into 3 monthly payments (other fees apply).

Health is not static, but a flowing state of mind and body. The art of living. When creating your integrative massage treatment, I may incorporate any of the following modalities for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Lymph Drainage Therapy is a specialized bodywork technique offered as a singular therapy due to its subtle touch and profound benefits.

When the body is in a state of distress, the lymphatic system may become sluggish. Fluids congest in the tissues and waste cannot be eliminated contributing to swelling, fatigue, illness, joint pain, headaches and migraines, arthritis, acne and more. 

The gentle rhythmic application of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy soothes and calms the nervous system, promoting deep relaxation, improving sleep, memory, and vitality as well as reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Lymphatic Drainage can reduce the pain, swelling, inflammation, and scarring associated with injury, surgery, and cancer treatments, and may offer significant results for the chronic pain associated with illness or physical disorders like lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and migraines.

When considered at risk for developing lymphedema due to injury or lymph node removal, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy may help prevent onset and reduce the pain and swelling if it progresses.

One treatment may provide significant results. The benefits from the initial session may generally last about 24 hours. For optimal results, sessions should be received daily to once a week to establish consistent lymphatic flow, and then move into maintenance of weekly or monthly sessions.

Contemporary Cupping Therapy 
uses negative pressure rather than tissue compression, to gently separate underlying tissues, release rigid soft tissue, loosen and lift connective tissues, stimulate nerve endings, break up and drain stagnation while increasing blood and lymph flow to skin and muscles. On a therapeutic level, cupping is beneficial for many health conditions including chronic colon congestion, asthma, high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, sinus congestion, TMJ, headaches, fibromyalgia and neuralgia and more. 


Integrative Massage incorporates flowing, kneading, and passive joint movement techniques, slow strokes and deep pressure work, to stimulate nerve endings in the skin, and release contracted areas of muscles and connective tissue. Promotes general relaxation and increased circulation of blood and lymph.

Gua Sha uses a round edged instrument, often bone or jade, to work along the surface of the skin to promote vitality and flow. The literal translation is to scrape toxins. This ancient method is used to promote blood circulation and remove toxic heat, stagnant blood and lymph fluid from the body.

is an ancient Japanese method of energetic healing for the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki treatments can bring about a calmer and more peaceful state of being, in which a person is better able to cope with everyday stress, enhancing cognitive function, mental clarity, and emotional health. This is also beneficial during times of profound emotional distress and during the grieving process. On the physical level, Reiki helps to relieve pain and discomfort associated with migraine, arthritis, or cancer, as well as the symptoms of asthma, insomnia, chronic fatigue, or menopause. This complementary therapy is often used in hospitals as it supports recovery from surgery and long-term illness, and helps to decrease the side effects and discomfort of some treatments (chemotherapy and radiation, for example).

uses gentle firm pressure, soft rocking and energy based bodywork along the meridians to release muscle tension and promote blood circulation in order to harmonize imbalances in the body, mind and spirit.  

is based on the belief that each part of the body is interconnected through the nervous system to the hands and feet. Using pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy and distribution of nutrients throughout the entire body.