My sessions have helped me to feel better both physically and emotionally. The lymphatic massages are so calming and relaxing, like a deep meditation. Barbara is so knowledgeable about herbalism and essential oils and has taught me so much. Her love of nature is infused in everything she does. The Chinese cupping has made a huge difference in my stiff back and shoulders, and I am grateful to have ​found Barbara as she is a true healer. During the sessions I felt loved, nurtured, respected and listened to. The difference it has made in my life is that I believe I can and will get better. 

I started this week with a nasty head cold and sore throat, I did my best to take care of myself, then today Barb's gentle massage and cupping made me feel like new.


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Lymph drainage therapy

Barbara Meza

I grew up in the heart of Hudson County, NJ. Although a city kid, I always had a deep connection to the earth and nature. In my mother's attempt to keep me out of mischief, much to my delight, I often found myself working in yards of elderly neighbors. From a young age, this taught me responsibility for others and gave me an opportunity to indulge my curiosity of the living world. 

​Today, I am a holistic wellness practitioner, an herbalist, and have a degree in Natural Health. I am licensed in NJ and PA as a holistic massage therapist.

Conscius Vita was birthed to help others on their personal journey to regain and retain health. An avid student with a keen thirst for understanding, I am humbly grateful for the opportunity to be a life long student in the art of holistic health.

Meet Your Practitioner

Who is Conscius Vita?

C. V.

Barb at ‪Conscius Vita performed Lymphatic Drainage just weeks after my surgery. I had wonderful results reducing swelling. It's gentle, slow and very relaxing. It really helped me. I also have it done when I feel
​a sinus issue coming. It works for me! 


T. Santiago

Barbara takes in the whole picture before she starts. She is able to concentrate on areas that the person needs, feels the energy flow in one's body, and responds appropriately.
​It is absolutely wonderful. 


M. W.

D. Baird   



P. G.

Having recovered poorly from facial surgery, Barbara was able to reduce my swelling and discomfort significantly through Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. Barbara was gentle but effective. Most importantly, she knew the limitations of the therapy. When the swelling had not been totally resolved and I continued to be symptomatic, Barbara wisely referred me back to the surgeon. After a second facial surgery, I returned to Barb for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy to facilitate the healing. This recovery has been faster with Barbara's aid. Thank you. 

C. S.

I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr
Virus and it took several months to regain complete strength and health. A few symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fever and extremely heavy arms and legs. ​I saw Barbara almost every week while I was sick. Her lymphatic drainage massage not only helped my body get rid of toxins and aid my 
​immune system, it also relaxed me.
I firmly believe that without her help,
​it would have taken much ​longer to conquer this virus. 

Conscius Vita is an invitation to presence, to being fully present in your own life, in your own body.
Each and every one of us has our own, unique story to tell: our past, present and future is comprised of countless moments of joy, sadness, growth, loss, illness, and wellness. Conscius Vita is here to honor and support you on your personal journey of transformation.

Conscius Vita is a multi-disciplined healing arts practice drawing on healing philosophies from the East and the West. Weaving complementary theories on dietary wellness, lifestyle practice, massage and bodywork, contemporary cupping therapy, herbal kitchen medicine and traditional wisdom, meditation, and movement, each session received is unique.   

We are located in the historic borough of Yardley, PA on South Delaware Avenue with a lovely view of the Delaware River.

At Conscius Vita, we are not doctors and do not diagnose, treat, nor prescribe.